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The bonbon (also spelt as bon bon) can refer to any confectionery, especially chocolate covered candies or truffles. These can have butter cream, fondant, fruits, or nuts in the center. The word bonbons can also be used to refer to candies without a chocolate coating. It comes from the French word bon, which means good. In the United States, Bonbon is a frozen confection made of vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate, a product of Hershey’s. Although it is a registered trademark in the US, the word bonbon is commonly used for any type of candy. This little treats are loved by children all over the world.

History of Bonbon

The bonbons were first reportedly made in the French Royal Court. The usage of bonbons is traced back to the 1800s. The earliest version of the bonbons are said to be made with almonds with sugar coating. The use of almonds then declined and a sweet center came to be used. Bonbons came to be popular in America in the late 1800s.

Ingredients Used and Popular Methods of Preparation

There are several ways to make bonbons, and a bonbon recipe can include cocoa powder, powdered milk, butter, melted chocolate, and candy molds.

The following is one of the several ways that bonbons can be made:

  • The powdered milk and cocoa are mixed in a bowl.
  • The mixture is heated until it gets barely melted.
  • Butter is added.
  • Chocolate chips can be added to this mixture and stirred continuously.
  • The mixture is allowed to cool.
  • This is then mixed with melted chocolate and blended until smooth.
  • This mixture is poured into candy molds and frozen.

Eating the Bonbon

The bonbon is simply chewed and eaten until finished.

Popular Bonbon Variations

Some of the popular variations of the bonbon include ice cream bonbons, peanut butter bonbon, chocolate bonbon, and fruit flavored bonbons.

Health and Nutrition Facts of Bonbon

Bonbons are generally made of sugar and chocolate and are a source of energy. These sweets can contain the nutrition of the ingredients added to them. Some candy companies make bonbons with vitamin rich formula, which may be healthy. Sugar-free bonbons are also made especially for diabetic people.

Bonbon Trivia

Johann Strauss II was inspired by bonbons and composed a waltz named Wiener Bonbons, where even the title page showed the name in twisted bonbon wrappers.