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Succotash is one of the food dishes, which is mainly made up of lima beans or shell beans and corn. Other ingredients like red pepper, green pepper and tomatoes may be added to make the dish more tasty and delicious. This was one of the popular dishes in the United States during the period of Great Depression. It became very popular during this period as the ingredients used to make this dish were easily available at highly economical prices.

Popular Succotash Recipes

  • Succotash Recipe with Fresh Lime Beans : The ingredients that are required to make succotash include fresh lima beans, fresh corn, butter, whipping cream, salt and pepper. Lima beans are cooked in boiling water for around fifteen minutes. Salt is added in boiling water while cooking lima beans. The water is then drained off and all the other ingredients are added in cooked lima bean and mixed well. The entire mixture is cooked for around ten minutes at low flame. The mix is stirred often while the cooking takes place. The dish is served hot.
  • Creamy Succotash Recipe : This is very popular among various Succotash recipes, where corn and lime beans are prepared together with butter and cream. The required ingredients include lima beans, corn, cream, butter, pepper and salt. The lima beans are cooked in salted boiling water. After the lima beans are cooked, corn and its liquid are added to lima beans, and cooked at low flame for around five to ten minutes. Cream, butter, pepper and salt are added as per the taste. The mixture is heated for a few minutes and served hot.
  • Fresh Okra Succotash Recipe : The ingredients required to prepare Fresh Okra Succotash include sliced and washed okra, fresh lima beans, tomatoes, salt, black pepper and butter. The tomatoes are peeled and cut into small portions. In a large sauce pan, chopped tomatoes, sliced okra, black pepper and salt are added, and the mix is allowed to cook on low flame. Thereafter, lima beans and corn flour are added one after the other after a time gap of around ten minutes. After allowing the cooking to take place for about twenty minutes, butter is added and the prepared Succotash dish is stirred well. It is served as a side dish.

Succotash Recipes - Variations
Succotash is used in different countries in different ways. A few variations of Succotash Recipes are given below.

  • In New Zealand, Succotash is one of the traditional dishes in many kinds of Thanksgiving celebrations. It is also used in the same way in Pennsylvania and various other states.
  • In South America, the mixture of various vegetables prepared in combination with lima beans, with butter or lard as the topping is termed as Succotash.
  • In US, apart from being cooked in normal way, Succotash was sometimes cooked in the form of casserole having a light coating of pie on the top.