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Warwick food is the representation of the culinary culture and traditions on Warwick Rhode Island.

Warwick Cuisine: Globally Popular Restaurants

1. One of the most popular restaurants of Warwick is the Bagel Factory located in 32 Tollgate Rd. This place is known for offering authentic breakfast and lunch. They offer various flavors of bagels starting from the asiago cheese to crispy cinnamon crunch for breakfast. On the other hand, they offer great lunch menus that include Boarshead Deli meats and different pizzas and salads. The Bagel Factory is also popular for serving specialty coffees with various flavors to compliment the bagels.

2. The second most popular and widely appreciated Warwick food is the Dear Hearts Ice Cream. It opens seasonally and mostly starts in late April. Situated in three different locations around Warwick such as Pawtuxet Village, Wildes Corner and Norwood, Dear Hearts Ice Cream is known for serving reasonably priced and delicious soft serve, cups of ice cream and cones. Apart from these, the milkshakes takeaways are also very popular.

3. Crusty's Pizza is another popular brand name, which represents Warwick foods. Located in 1331 Warwick Ave, this restaurant is generally closed on Monday. It is known for serving pizza with a Greek touch. The foods here are much resonably priced.

4. Last but not the least, Del's Lemonade is the key place to visit in Warwick. Located in 2050 Warwick Avenue and 919 Warwick Avenue, Del's Lemonade is the sheer representation of Rhode Island tradition. Del's lemonade basically serves a soft frozen drink that is the main tourist attraction of the whole city. This soft frozen drink is widely different from all other drinks as it is eaten differently. The cup is actually squeezed from the bottom in the palm in order to drink. This cool refreshing soft frozen drink is also known as squeezing shake and is now a popular part of Warwick food culture.