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Lancashire Cheese

Lancashire Cheese

The Lancashire Cheese is a hard, creamy to crumbly cheese that originated in England. It is made out of pasteurized cow’s milk. There are three main varieties of the Lancashire Cheese which includes - Young Creamy Lancashire, mature Tasty Lancashire, and Crumbly Lancashire. The creamy Lancashire and the Tasty Lancashire are made by the traditional methods, whereas the Crumbly Lancashire has been a recent ingredient and is mostly made for mass production. The aging process of the cheese takes nearly 1 to 24 months. The young cheese has a mild flavor when compared to the matured Lancashire cheese, which has a sharper flavor. The young cheese is commonly sold while the matured Lancashire cheese is considered as a specialty cheese. Since Lancashire Cheese is considered as a recent type of cheese, there is not much history to its origin. It is believed to have developed during the 19th century in England. The cheese was made so as to preserve the milk.

Cuisine using and different types of Lancashire Cheese

The first type of Lancashire is known as the Creamy Lancashire, which is considered as a young cheese with aging up till five months. The Creamy version is a traditional method of cheese making, and was normally kept for an aging process of four to twelve weeks. The Creamy Lancashire cheese has a fluffy texture with a creamy flavor. This cheese is mainly used for most of toasting recipes. Lancashire cheese recipes can be found as part of the English or continental cuisines, especially for the English breakfast.

Tasty Lancashire is another variety of the cheese which follows the traditional cheese making process itself, but the aging process varies from the Creamy version. The Creamy Lancashire is aged for a longer period. It is set for aging for more than 12 weeks to 24 months. The Tasty Lancashire has more mature and nutty flavor.

The Crumbly cheese is yet another variety of the Lancashire cheese and it originated in the 1960s. This is only Lancashire cheese which is made outside the Lancashire region in England. The Crumbly Lancashire is prepared with a single day’s milk unlike the other Lancashire cheese which uses 2 or 3 day’s milk. The Crumbly cheese has a aging period of 6-8 weeks, which is fresh and high acid cheese.

Nutritive value of Lancashire Cheese

  • The normal Lancashire Cheese consists of nearly 373 calories with 23% protein and 31% fat.