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Jamie Oliver

James Trevor Oliver popularly called as Jamie Oliver is a restaurateur, English chef, cookbook author and a television personality. Many times he is referred as “The Naked Chef” for his culinary show on BBC - taking out the utility of food by stripping down to bare essentials. Jamie Oliver is the most popular TV personality across the world - his food shows are aired in more than 100 countries. Similarly the cookbooks written by him are the best-sellers all over the world. Jamie Oliver restaurants are spread in UK and Europe. In 2010, Jamie Oliver has been named as the most powerful and influential person in the UK hospitality industry.

Jamie Oliver Professional Life
Jamie Oliver born 27 May 1975 was brought up in Clavering, Essex, England, where his parents had their restaurant. Jamie Oliver left Newport Free Grammar School at the age of 16 without gaining any qualification. He then attended Westminster Catering College. After working in many restaurants, Chef Jamie Oliver joined London's celebrated River Café. Spotted by BBC, Jamie Oliver started the TV programme The Naked Chef, also publishing the cookbook through Penguin Books. In the year 2001, Jamie Oliver met more than 20,000 people for his road show - The Happy Days Tour. Jamie Oliver has fed many British Prime Ministers through special invite.

Noteworthy Works of Jamie Oliver
Jamie Oliver restaurants works for the downtrodden through his charitable organizations spread in UK, Europe and North America.


  • BAFTA Award for the best television series (The Naked Chef) in the Features Category in 2000.
  • In December 2009 Jamie Oliver was awarded the 2010 TED Prize for his campaigns for Englanders and Americans to change their lifestyle and diet.
  • Most Excellent Order of the British Empire was given to Chef Jamie Oliver by the Queen of UK in the year 2005.

Jamie Oliver Cookbooks

  • The Naked Chef – Chef Jamie Oliver gained recognition from his first food show on BBC. Taking not more than 30 minutes, the cookbook is the compilation of all those recipes produced on the show. The simple foods which can be easily prepared without the use of large ingredients and electrical gadgets get viewers acclamations.
  • Happy Days with the Naked Chef – Chef Jamie Oliver brings back the collection of recipes from Japan, Australia, New Zealand and America. The food fanfare brings the average person to cook.
  • 30-minute-meals – As the book suggests the cookbook brings recipes which are simple and can be prepared within 30 minutes for the craving mouths.
  • Jamie Does... – The collection of recipes from North Africa and Europe.
  • Jamie's America – Get the delicious, diverse American food in this cookbook.
  • Jamie's Ministry of Food – The compilation of his food show where Jamie Oliver inspires people of Rotherham to remain healthy.
  • Jamie's Italy – The travelogue which brings in best Italian food found across streets and villages.

Jamie Oliver Restaurants

  • Fifteen Restaurants – Spread across UK and Europe, Jamie Oliver restaurant brings in the disadvantaged youngsters to join as cook. Started in 2002, the restaurants are still expanding with a clear objective to include every people of the society.
  • Jamie’s Italian – The first Jamie Oliver restaurant was launched in 2008 in Oxford where it offers affordable Italian food.

Popular Food Shows

Chef Jamie Oliver has featured in 16 food shows, some of which are –

  • 30-minute meals – Prepares the nutritious and healthy food within 30 minutes for busy people.
  • Jamie does... – The six episode series Chef Jamie Oliver cooks food across Europe and North Africa.
  • Jamie's Food Revolution – The reality TV programme, Jamie Oliver reaches Huntington, West Virginia - the unhealthiest city in US telling them how to live healthy.
  • Jamie's Family Christmas – Jamie Oliver brings in his family to prepare Christmas delicacies in this 5 episode series.
  • Jamie's American Roadtrip – Aired by channel 4, the diversity of American food is found by Chef Jamie Oliver in this trip.
  • Jamie Saves Our Bacon – Chef Jamie Oliver brings in fowl recipe
  • Jamie's Fowl Dinners – Chef Jamie Oliver brings in fowl recipes.
  • Jamie Cooks Christmas – Jamie Oliver cooks delights for Christmas.
  • Jamie's Ministry of Food – A reality show, Chef Jamie Oliver tries to make Rotherham, South Yorkshire as the culinary capital of UK teaching them how to cook good food.
  • Jamie at Home Christmas Special – The family reappears to bring some more Christmas food.
  • Jamie at Home – The programme aired only in US, Jamie Oliver brings the tips of growing herbs at home.
  • Jamie's Return to School Dinners – Chef Jamie Oliver begins from where he left in the earlier aired programme for school children.
  • Jamie's Great Italian Escape – Chef Jamie Oliver cannot shed of the love for his Italian food. The six part serial, the exotic Italian food is brought up for the viewers.
  • Jamie's School Dinners – The four part serial explains the need of healthy food for children and how to cook them. This programme made a benchmark for the governments in US and UK to define food standards for children.
  • Oliver's Twist
  • Jamie's Kitchen – Jamie teaches the disadvantaged youths on how to cook food.
  • Happy Days With the Naked Chef – The extension of his first recipe cookbook is again a best-seller.
  • Return of the Naked Chef – Chef brings in dishes across the world.
  • The Naked Chef – The first programme gaining Jamie Oliver a celebrity status.

Jamie Oliver’s other TV Appearances –

  • The Friday Night Project - Jamie Oliver appeared twice on Channel 4's show.
  • Top Gear – Appeared on BBC programme to explain reasonably priced car.
  • Iron Chef America – Jamie Oliver is the second British celebrity chef to appear in this show.
  • Oprah's Big Give – Jamie Oliver will appear as one of the judges.

Jamie Oliver Trivia

“The Happy Days Live tour” brings in music and food with pop concerts among live audience. Working out to make our world free of pollution, Jamie Oliver is the patron of many NGOs.