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Huddersfield food reflects the traditional Yorkshire food culture. Situated in West Yorkshire, this University town has a long history which can be traced back to the Celts. The cuisine of the region was similar to that of Northern England with particular emphasis placed on the desserts and confectionary items. The area in general including Huddersfield, is associated with the ginger cake, liquorice sweets as well as the much popular Rhubarb Triangles made with the locally grown rhubarbs.

Apart from the numerous beers and ales, the University town has taken a likeness for vodka based drinks of late and the numerous cafes, pubs and nightclubs are filled with young students who enjoy the modern fare.

Curry houses have also been assimilated into the local culture with a number of Asian immigrants settling down in the area. Huddersfield is also well known for its shopping centers, many of which house the worldwide fast food chains that include Burger King, Pizza Hut and KFC.

The Huddersfield Farmer’s market held every second Sunday of the month, serves as the source for fresh, locally grown produces that include eggs, dairy products, meat and vegetables. A number of home made pies and condiments prepared according to traditional Yorkshire recipes are one of main attractions of the market.

History of Huddersfield Cuisine

While the history of the town can be traced back to the Celts and Normans inhabiting the area, the modern Huddersfield was fashioned into an European “creative town” only in the 18th century. The Yorkshire pudding and roast beef has been around for ages but the exact timeline regarding the special local food items has remained obscure.

Traditional English food with an emphasis on beef had been popular in this region and the various pies and sweetmeats are still regarded to be original Huddersfield food. Immigration has had a hand in shaping the culinary culture of the town in the modern times with the majority of the student population preferring the fast food easily available from the numerous world class brand outlets dotting the regions.

The Balti restaurants and Mediterranean fare is equally popular now as are the Chinese takeaways.

Popular Huddersfield Foods

  • Rhubarb and Apple Crumble- A baked dessert served with double cream.
  • Yorkshire Pudding- A traditional dish, it is made from wheat flour and served either with roast beef and gravy or with jam during tea time.
  • Dock Pudding- Prepared according to the ancient recipe which makes use of bistort leaves, nettles and onion together with bacon.

Place Famous for Huddersfield Food

  • Royal and Ancient- Traditional food served in an homely atmosphere is the mainstay of this establishment.


“Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival” is an annual event that popularizes the cuisine of the area.