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English Starters

English starters or appetizers are traditional food items on English cuisine that are served prior to main course meals.

List of Popular English Starters

Angels on horseback - It is a popular appetizer which consists of oysters wrapped in bacon. The dish is usually served hot and can be prepared from scallops also.

Yorkshire pudding โ€“ It is a popular English starter which is prepared by a batter made of eggs, flour and milk. The dish is accompanied with roast beef. Traditionally, the dish is consumed by having the crust filled with gravy or vegetables. It is also eaten filled with jam and cream by children or as a dessert.

English muffin - English muffin is a light bread which is leavened with yeast. Baked in round shaped tin, muffins are toasted and served topped with butter. Usually cold beverages like tea/ coffee are relished with these light breads.

Fish and chips โ€“ It is a popular English starter which as the name suggests consists of fish and chips. Cod, huss, plaise and haddock are the common varieties of fish used. The fish is deep fried after dipping in flour batter and served with seasoned potato chips. Wine and cold drinks are often relished with starter.

Sausage rolls - It is an English starter which is often a part of English party menu. Consisting of baked pastry roll wrapped on sausage meat, this finger food is quite delicious. Stuffing of vegetables like onions, carrots is also included at times in sausage rolls.

Pan Haggerty - It is a popular English starter prepared from onions, potatoes and cheese. Specially relished by kids, this starter is often accompanied by roast meats or sausage rolls.

Cucumber sandwiches โ€“ These sandwiches as the name suggests consist of cucumber and other vegetables and cheese as filling and make a perfect food to be served as starters in the evening. The choice of vegetables and seasoning for these sandwiches usually vary with choice. Cucumber sandwiches taste great with fruity drinks and hot beverages.