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The Colchester food is basically the sheer representation of Colchester's cooking traditional and practices. Colchester, as per records, is the oldest town of England, situated in Essex, East Anglia and therefore, this place is very closely associated with traditional United Kingdom culinary practices and cooking traditions. Peldon Rose is amongst the most popular foods that are basically invented from traditional Colchester kitchen. Local seafood is the specialty of Colchester and it is widely served in various restaurants and eating joints. This town is also known for a wide collection of traditional drinks that includes the abbey arms, the goat & boot, the forester's arms and the fox & fiddler.

Colchester Cuisine: Popular Restaurants

1. Henley's of Wivenhoe: Located in 9 Vine Parade, Wivenhoe, this restaurant is known for winning several food awards. This place is best known for serving seafood based authentic Colchester food.

2. Mr Chippy: Mr Chippy is one of the places to eat traditional Colchester foods in the city. The chips serves at Mr Chippy are stuffed with salt and vinegar.

3. Scooby Snax in Brightlingsea: Colchester’s Scooby snax restaurant is known for serving raditional breakfast, lunch and dinner.

4. Kathleen's Kitchen: Kathleen's Kitchen is the bakers situated opposite Argos right in the centre of the town. It is known for serving some of the most authentic Colchester food items in the form of sandwiches, pies, breads and sausage rolls.