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Cabinet Pudding

Cabinet Pudding is a traditional pudding from England that is typically a sweet, steamed and molded dessert. Also referred as Chancellor’s Pudding, this dessert is prepared by a proper blend of bread, sponge cake and different dried fruits. This is usually served with smooth sweet sauce like a bowl full of chilled custard.

Cabinet Pudding Recipe- Ingredients

Cabinet pudding is mainly prepared by using ingredients such as plain cake, glace cherries, angelica, sultanas, milk, sugar, eggs and vanilla essence. Apart from these, some small amount of rum or Madeira is needed at times while making this traditional pudding. There are some versions of the dish that uses boudoir biscuits to line up bottom of the basin before placing the pudding.

Cabinet Pudding Recipe- Preparation

Cabinet pudding is essentially a baked sweet that is widely appreciated for its much easy preparation. First of all, the spongy cake is sliced into pieces of 5mm size and the cherries are finely chopped. Also, the angelicas should be diced properly in advance. Next, all these things are mixed together along with sultanas, and the mixture is divided evenly into molds. Simultaneously, custard is also prepared using some sugar, eggs and milk. After that, the mixture is added into the molds until full while using a strainer. The molds are then placed in an oven, where both, the custard and the pudding are prepared alongside. This delicious hot pudding is traditionally served with a bowl of chilled custard.