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Bubble And Squeak

Bubble And Squeak is a dish from the British cuisine made from the leftover vegetables used in a roast dinner. The vegetables are deep fried along with mashed potatoes and cold meat chops in the form of a thick cake.

History of Bubble And Squeak Dish

Traditionally, the dish was used up as the leftover Christmas roast for the next day or Boxing Day. The very first mention of this dish was in the eighteenth century in the magazine called the Mid-Wife: or, the old woman’s magazine, written by Christopher Smart, 1753. Another mention was in 1806 by a local cook called Maria Rundell. The dish was equally popular during the World War II when the dish became a catchall for the all kinds of leftovers. Food was rationed during this period of time and the recipe could be adapted to reuse any kind of leftover food. The name ‘bubbles and squeak’ comes from the squeaking sounds that come when the dish is cooking. It is also called as bubble or bubble or scrape.

Bubble and Squeak Recipe: Ingredients Used and Preparation

The dish requires leftover vegetables in the form of cabbage, carrots, peas, and Brussels sprouts. Traditionally, the leftover meat is cooked with the vegetables and potatoes and fried on both sides until the mixture is cooked on both sides. Nowadays the dish is commonly cooked without the meat and which is served on the side.

Serving and Eating Bubble And Squeak Dish

Bubble And Squeak is served with leftover meat from the roast that was used to make the dish and pickles. It is also served as a morning dish with fried eggs, baked beans, fried tomatoes, sausages, bacon and black pudding. Although it is a very popular homemade dish, precooked commercial versions and tinned versions are available too.

Popular Bubble And Squeak Recipe Variations

  • Colcannon is the same dish that is cooked in Ireland
  • Rumbledethumps, Stovies, and Clapshot is the same dish cooked in Scotland.
  • Swedish and Finnish variations include a dish called Pyttipanna
  • Portugal has a version called the Roupa Velha made from leftovers of a dish called as Cozido. The same dish is called as Ropa Vieja in Spain and it is prepared from Cocido.
  • In the US, it is called as Hash or hash brown or potato cake entrees.

A few variations in the UK are cooked with a fried egg on top or with bacon and chopped cooked sausages that are added to the mix. Gravy is also served with the dish sometimes.

Health and Nutrition Facts Related to Bubble And Squeak Recipes

A single serving of the dish is 28g and contains 35 calories. The fat content is 2.5g and the total carbohydrate value is 2.5g and the protein content is 0.3g.


Usually, the dish is made with leftovers, but popular British chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver have perfected recipes of Bubble And Squeak that can be made from scratch.