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Brighton food is the local food available in the city of Brighton and Hove, UK. Homemade food in the city also forms a major part of food in Brighton. As Brighton is located on the sea, the city is famous for its seafood that is cooked into several diverse ethnic styles.

Historical and Cultural Influences on Brighton Cuisine

Brighton food is an integral part of British cuisine. The city of Brighton dates back to 1086 and was considered as a very popular spa and health resort. Sea bathing was very popular in the city and tourists from all over the Western world were commonly seen in the city enjoying the spas. Due to the large amount of foreign tourists, the city became an ethnic melting pot of cultures that is still reflected in its cuisine. There are innumerable pubs and restaurants in the city that are teeming with different varieties of foods and cooking styles. In modern times, the city is famous for its art, music, and gay pride festivals which have a huge range of tourists all through the year. As a result, the city can cater to any kind of population and ethnic culture.

Places Famous for Brighton Cuisine

Although there are several varieties of Brighton food styles, there are two or three restaurants in the city that still served traditional British cuisine. The most popular one is called as 'English’s of Brighton'. This restaurant served traditional British food that is caught off the Brighton shoreline and is very fresh. The restaurant is located on the pier and is owned by the Leigh-Jones family since 1945. The city is also famous for its vegetarian fare with famous restaurants like 'Food For Friends' and 'Terre a Terre' that have very good vegetarian food from a variety of cultures. Another popular vegetarian restaurant is 'The George' that serves vegetarian meals and snacks. Takeaways and pubs are very popular too with a large variety of cuisine being served. These are open very late and are ideal for tourists as well as locals.