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Birmingham Food is particularly famous throughout UK and in other parts of the world. Known as the second most populous city in UK after London, the city has a multi cultural population with Asians comprising 21% of the demographics second in number only to the White British and Irish people inhabiting the city. This has influenced the food culture of the city considerably with the area being well known for inventing a number of dishes.

Birmingham Food and drink forms an important part of the city culture even today. The city boasts of having three Michelin star restaurants and was the first city of UK to feature a vegetarian restaurant as far back as the late 19th century. The Wing Yip food empire began its operations here in Birmingham while the famous Balti cuisine originated here as well.

The city of Birmingham is also associated with the origin of famous food brands like Typhoo tea, HP Sauce, Blue Bird Toffee, Bird's Custard and Cadbury chocolate.

History Of Food In Birmingham

The city of Birmingham developed as a wholesale food market following the royal charter of 1166. It remained as one of the main markets selling agricultural and food products despite the industrialization in England. Birmingham Food produces such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and flowers were transported to restaurants as well as individuals residing up to a 100 miles away even in the Middle ages.

Famous breweries, pubs and inns were established in the Victorian era in and around the city Some of the oldest establishments are still operational today.

The late 19th century saw Birmingham develop a profitable trade in pre packed tea and import of limes and cocoa from the Caribbean island nations.

Popular Food Items Of Birmingham Cuisine

  • Chicken In Sweet Onion Puree- Chicken roasted over slow fire along with sweet onions, baby carrots and onion jam in a clay pot.
  • Lime Posset- A traditional Birmingham Food, it is an English pudding made with lime and lemons eaten with shortbread.
  • Jacket Potato- A baked potato served with the skin on. It is often accompanied by mayonnaise or mustard.
  • Chicken Balti-Chicken and vegetables cooked with a number of spices and served in a traditional round bottomed balti dishes.
  • Grilled Cheese- Cheese grilled along with pastrami, cooked chicken or apple and cinnamon combination provide unique variations to the traditional grilled cheese dish.

Places Famous For Food In Birmingham

  • The Living Room- Traditional British food like steak & kidney pies and roasts are served in an old colonial ambience.
  • Simpsons- Famous for its modern, innovative French cuisine prepared by Chef Luke Tipping.
  • Lasan- Renowned Indian restaurant serving yogurt based meat dishes. It was the winner of the British Curry Award in 2007.

Popular Chefs Of Birmingham
Glynn Purnell known as ‘Yummy Brummie’ is a celebrity star renowned for cooking Birmingham Food and his appearance on the television show the ‘Great British Menu’.

Birmingham Cuisine: Trivia
The ‘BBC Good Food Show’ is filmed at the National Exhibition Centre located in the city of Birmingham.