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April Bloomfield

Chef April Bloomfield is a British born, New York based young, enthusiastic chef who has achieved quick popularity due to her excellent cooking, specializing in British and Italian cuisine. She was born and brought up in Birmingham, where she attended the catering college, worked with a number of restaurants before finally moving to New York, United States. She currently co-owns three restaurants in Manhattan, New York, has written her debut cookbook and continues to garner accolades from the most stringent of food critics.

Chef April’s Professional Life

Chef April initially worked with the Holiday Inn at Birmingham. She also worked at Kensington Place, Bibendum, The River Cafe and Roscoff before moving to New York. In Manhattan, New York she runs three restaurants together with her partner Ken Friedman. She is best known for her innovative dishes and precision at work. One of her best dishes is the chorizo stuffed squid which has won many accolades.

Noteworthy Contributions of Chef April

  • Chef April co-owns three restaurants out of which two are Michelin starred restaurants. The Spotted Pig and The Breslin Bar & Dining Room, are the Michelin starred ones and she also co-owns John Dory Oyster Bar.
  • She is credited with preparing the three-course menu for the Luncheon honouring David Cameron, hosted by The U.S. Department of State, in March 2012.
  • She has also won the Best New Chef for the year 2007 award, by the Food & Wine Magazine.


A Girl and her Pig: The book has been recently launched in April, 2012 and is her debut cookbook. It has a whole lot of recipes with pig parts – as the title of the book suggests. However, it also includes recipes with lambs, poultry, seafood and recipes for soups, salads, cocktails, desserts and some typical British dishes like Bubble and Squeak!

Popular TV Shows

Chef April has appeared in the season 4 of American television series – Top Chef: Chicago as a Guest Judge. She has also participated as a challenger in the season 6 of Iron Chef America, where she won the challenge defeating Iron Chef Michael Symon. She has also appeared as a guest on the currently running American travel and food show – Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations aired on the Discovery Travel & Living.


  • At age 16, Chef April wanted to join the police force.
  • Chef April is a self-confessed control freak.