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Angels On Horseback

Angels on Horseback refers to an appetizer which involves oysters and bacon as the main ingredients, with the dish being quite popular in the East Coast. This appetizer is commonly found in the weddings menus of Long Island and is also served as a savory dish in UK as the final course dish in a traditional formal meal. The preparation of this dish is very simple which just involves wrapping the oysters with bacon.

History of Angels on Horseback

While it is true that the dish has its origin in UK, the name of the dish is derived from the French expression “anges à cheval”. Though the dish is considered to be a traditional dish of Britain; however, it is very popular among the Irish people also.

This famous English appetizer is also popular in US and was introduced in the country during 1890s, with the dish being first mentioned in 1896 in a US based newspaper as a starter or an appetizer, which involved skewering the dish, sprinkling it with cayenne pepper, broiling and finally, serving it with a parsley and lemon garnish. The dish gained some popularity in Washington during the 1960s, when it was served widely by the US ambassador’s wife, Evangeline Bruce, during the Kennedy administration, with the oysters being even served raw at times.

Angels on Horseback Recipe: Ingredients and Preparation Overview

The main ingredients required in the preparation of this appetizer consist of small oysters, bacon cut into thin pieces, and lemons. Toothpicks are also required to hold the dish in place.

The preparation of this appetizer is very simple, which involves wrapping a bacon (half slice) around one single oyster, and securing the two with the help of a toothpick. Oysters wrapped in bacon are then placed under broiler or on grill for a few minutes till they become crispy, while making sure to turn over the wrapped oyster in between, so that both sides of it are cooked properly. The appetizer is best served hot, after squirting lemon juice on top of it.

Angels on Horseback Recipe: Variation

The taste of the Angels on Horseback can be altered slightly by the addition of certain seasonings. A very common variation of this appetizer is marinating the oysters in a mix of salt, black pepper, garlic and little amount of white wine for around half an hour, then, wrapping it in half a slice of bacon and securing the two with toothpick, and finally, broiling it till crispy from both sides.

Angels on Horseback- Trivia

  • It is to be noted that the dish has no connection with angels or horses, as the name implies.

  • While preparing the dish, it is recommended to squeeze lemon juice only at the time of serving; else, the crispiness and crunchiness of the appetizer would be lost.