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Angel Delight

Angel Delight is a commercially prepared instant custard dessert that is sold in the sachet form in the UK. This popular dessert is manufactured by the Premier Foods Company and is the number one selling dessert in the UK at present.


The dessert was first launched in 1967 by the Bird’s Company in a strawberry and cream version. It became so popular that by the 1970s, the company started producing the dessert in a large variety of flavors like peach, lime, lemon, blackcurrant, tangerine, forest fruits, popcorn, bubblegum and candy floss. However, by the late 1970s, the dessert fell out of favor with the general populace. In 1999, the brand was acquired by Premier Foods and a new branding campaign was started featuring Wallace&Grommit. By 2006, the brand had become the most popular dessert in the UK instant dessert sector.


The exact ingredients of the commercial preparation are a secret but according to the manufacturer, ingredients include sugar, starch, vegetable oil, emulsifiers, gelling agents, milk lactose, milk proteins, flavorings, colorings, and preservatives. Artificial colors, hydrogenated fats and flavorings are not used and the product is suitable for vegetarians.


The powder is usually whipped with milk or water and it sets by itself within a few minutes to form a thick creamy pudding.


Angel Delight is now sold in five varieties with added sugar and they are strawberry, butterscotch, chocolate, raspberry and banana. Low sugar varieties are also available in flavors of strawberry, butterscotch and chocolate.

Nutritional Value

A single serving of Angel Delight contains 437 calories. The total protein content is 3.4g, the total carbohydrate content is 71.1g, and the total fat content is 17.7g.


Popular X Factor impresario and host, Simon Cowell, loves the taste of Angel Delight. According to friends, the celebrity walks around with a packet of the dessert in his pocket or car.