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How to Freeze your food? – 2 - Freezing Vegetables

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In this blog I will explain to you how to freeze vegetables. As you would already know most vegetables freeze well and it is often beneficial to freeze your vegetables too.



Here are the steps you need to follow while preparing to freeze vegetables

1.When buying vegetables that you might want to freeze choose young and tender vegetables as they freeze better.


2. Clean the vegetables to remove as much dirt as possible. Soaking then in brine will get rid of insects.

3. Trim the vegetables such that all the unwanted stalks and leaves are removed.


4. Cut them into small pieces and then go ahead and blanch them.


5. Blanching will help you prevent the vegetables from losing their color when frozen. To blanch vegetables set aside one container with boiling water and one with ice water. Using a spoon or kitchen forceps immerse the vegetables in the boiling water for a couple of minutes and then into the ice water. Pat it dry and put it aside. Wait till it cools down before you throw it into the freezer.


6. Fill them in high quality freezer bags and squeeze out the air. Before freezing them don’t forget to label the vegetables with their name and the date.


7. Freeze at the lowest possible setting on the freezer to ensure that the vegetables remain crispy and don’t go limp!


How to Freeze your food? -2



8. Frozen Vegetables will last for 3 to 6 months and can be often cooked directly.


9. Remember that frozen onions and tomatoes often seem limp and lose its freshness while raw potatoes may darken after freezing.


10. It is advisable not to blanch tomatoes but cook it until soft before freezing


11. Don’t blanch herbs and hot peppers. Wash Drain and freeze. Pack the hebs into air tight glass jars or foils before freezing.


Those of you who have developed your own methods of freezing vegetables, please do gcontribute to this blog! Watch out for the next blog for more on freezing fruits and nuts! Till then, happy freezing!



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How To Freeze Your Food? – 2 - Freezing Vegetables