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How to Freeze your Food? - 1

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Freezing your food properly is a good idea as not only does freezing food properly help you retain the nutrients but also save money and prevent food wastage! Here is the first among a series of  blogs that will guide you on how to freeze a variety of food from vegetables to meat to already cooked food. But before you do start freezing it is important to keep in mind the following set of guidelines:


How to Freeze your Food?-1

Guidelines to freezing your food:-


  • When freezing food make sure that you prevent air from coming in contact with the food, and moisture from escaping to avoid the food from drying out.


  • Freeze food especially meat and such as soon as possible! This minimizes the the damage that the food will suffer.


  • If foods has to be reheated when thawed, it would be better if it is slightly undercooked when frozen.


  • Avoid freezing spices as the color and flavor of spices might change if frozen


  • When using freezer bags, make sure that you have high quality freezer bags. Squeeze out as much air as possible from the bags before freezing.


  • Don't over stuff the freezer. This bad for your food as well as the freezer.


  • Label your frozen food with the name of the food as well as the date on which they frozen. This helps in knowing which food to take and when!



Now that you have the basic concepts of freezing I shall go ahead and tell you how to freeze vegetables. Go ahead to my next blog on the How to freeze food series.


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How To Freeze Your Food? - 1