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These Things You Can Do With Chili Peppers

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Fresh chili peppers can actually be kept in your freezer for up to ayear if you use a freezer bag and not a regular ziplock bag. I wipe the fresh chili peppers with a cloth or paper towel and then I just put them in the freezer bag whole intact. In my opinion I think that after a year the chili peppers will start to lose heat. When I need a chili pepper I take some out of the freezer bag and I will either cut them while they are frozen or I will wait for them to defrost and slice/cut them up accordingly!

Another thing you can do with your leftover fresh chili peppers is to make some curry paste. You can make fresh green chili paste if your chili peppers are green. Thai green curry is made with fresh green chilies. In the case of making green curry at home you can use the frozen green chilies in your freezer.

Of course you can also take your leftover chili peppers and pickle them. It doesn't matter whether the chilies are red or green you can just slice them in the round or in the length and put them in a clean jar and add some white vinegar and a touch of salt and sugar if you like and viola! Pickled chili peppers that will last for months and months in your fridge!

If you have a bunch of leftover red chili peppers you can make a nice chili sauce out of them. Get a food processor or blender and grind up the fresh chilies with some salt and garlic and some sugar if you choose to add some sweet before the heat then put in a clean jar and add white vinegar and viola! Once again a condiment that will last for months and months in your fridge! You can use the curry, the picked chili peppers or the red chili sauce on a myriad of dishes and in many different ways!

Now, when it comes to dried chili peppers like the one's you buy in the market they can stay for a long time in a cool, dark pantry in a jar or ziploc bag. That's the simplest way to store dried chili peppers. On the other hand here are some other things you can do with dried chilies. With dried red chili peppers you can make red curry paste! There are many varieties of red curry paste like panang, gang gari, and masaman curry pastes. You can also grind your dried red chili peppers. Toast the dried chilies until they blacken a little bit and then grind them in a food processor or blender until they reach a desired consistency for you. Don't forget to remove the stems prior to grinding them up. You can keep the ground chili peppers in a jar in your pantry almost for forever! I like to sprikle the ground chili on my rice or noodles!

I would have to say that my all time favorite thing to do with chili peppers whether they are fresh or dry is to make chili paste/sauce. My favorite chili paste is call Nam Prig Pad. You can make Nam Prig Pad or Nam Prig Pao with dried red chili peppers! Nam Prig Pad is used in Thai dishes like Tom Yum Goong soup and other Thai dishes. You roast your dried chili peppers then remove the stems and grind the chilies into a powder and add with other ingredients like garlic, shrimp paste or dried shrimp or squid or even dried scallops along with sugar and fish sauce and tamarind. It's delicious! If you would like to learn how to make really great Nam Prig Pad then please visit Thai Food: Thai Recipes: Nam Prig Pad today! I know you will just LOVE this chili paste recipe!

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These Things You Can Do With Chili Peppers