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How To Freeze Mashed Nuts

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NutsYummy and crunchy nuts require a proper preservation technique to be stored since its high oil content may make it rancid or stale. Mashed nuts are  extensively used in flavoring milk, as toppings and as spreads for breads. Freezing nuts both as whole and in a mashed form increases its shelf-life and ensures its availability whenever in need. Trail down to know the appropriate method to freeze the mashed up nuts.




Things Needed:

  • Mashed nuts
  • Ziploc freezer bags        
  • Measuring cup/scoops
  • Permanent markers



  • Fill the freezer bags with measured quantities of mashed nuts (preferably 2 cups).
  • Flatten the freezer bag and leave a half inch header space. Ensure that there is no air inside it before zip locking.
  • Label them with date and amount of mashed nuts inside.
  • Freeze them until they turn hard.


Mashed nuts which are frozen by the above mentioned method can be used as a topping or spread for bread. Enjoy the yummy frozen mashed nuts by retrieving them quickly!


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How To Freeze Mashed Nuts