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How To Freeze Mashed Olive

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OlivesAn excellent spread or a topping for vegetables, mashed olives can also be used as a last minute stuffing for  cooked poultry dishes. Freezing is the best method of preserving left-over mashed olives since it is more practical and easier to do at home. Take a look at this blog to learn the exact procedure  to be followed in order to freeze mashed olives for a longer duration.





Things Needed:

  • Mashed olives
  • Measuring cups
  • Small ziploc freezer bags
  • Permanent markers


Steps Involved:

  • Fill the freezer bags with measured quantities of mashed olives (preferably 2 cups).
  • Flatten then and ensure that there is no air inside it before zip locking.
  • Leave a half inch header space before sealing the freezer bag.
  • Ensure that the ziploc bags are sealed properly.
  • Label them with date and amount of mashed olives inside.
  • Freeze until they turn hard.


Enjoy having  frozen mashed olives, by using it as and when required simply by defrosting and thawing it.



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How To Freeze Mashed Olive