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How To Freeze Mashed Egg

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Freezing mashed eggThe ready-to-eat mashed eggs can be preserved for a long duration by the well-known method called freezing. Mashing cooked eggs and freezing it, enables easy utilization of the same whenever required, especially when in hurry. Read on to know more about the appropriate procedure to be followed while freezing mashed eggs.





Things Required:

  • Mashed eggs
  • Mayonnaise-Half cup
  • Measuring cup
  • Ziploc freezer bags
  • Permanent markerFreezing mashed egg



  • Keep ready the mashed eggs which is been brought to room temperature.
  • Mix the mayonnaise with these mashed eggs to prevent change in the consistency (2 teaspoons of mayonnaise for one quart of mashed eggs).
  • Using measuring cup, fill the measured contents in the ziploc freezer bags leaving half inch headspace and label them with date and quantity.
  • Ensure that there is no air left in the ziploc bags.
  • Freeze them until they turn hard.


When it comes to mashed eggs, refrigerating is a better method for storage rather than freezing. However, de-frosting would bring these frozen mashed eggs back to their original consistency.


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How To Freeze Mashed Egg