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How To Freeze Mashed Butternut

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ButternutButternuts can be mashed and then frozen, to be utilized later when needed. This process keeps the squash preserved making it easier to prepare nutritious and tasty dishes when the butternut is not in season. Mashed butternuts can actually be used up to one year if frozen at the temperature of 10 degree celsius. Check out the steps below to freeze mashed butternut properly.




Freezing Butternut In The Mashed Form:

Things Needed:

  • Mashed Butternut 
  • Large scoop
  • Milk(if needed)
  • Ziploc freezer bags
  • Permanent markersMashed Butternut



  • Once the mashed butternut is prepared, allow them to reach room temperature.
  • Transfer the measured mashed butternut servings to a ziploc freezer bag.
  • Leave a half-inch header space before sealing the ziploc bags.
  • Ensure that there is no air inside the freezer bags.
  • Write the date and number of servings on the ziploc bags using the permanent marker and freeze it at the temperature of 10 degree celcius.


Mashed butternuts may turn thick if frozen. So a minimum quantity of milk may be added to it in order to easily bring them back to their original consistency when defrosting. But ensure that the addition of milk does not change the taste of the mashed squash.


Just follow the tips above and get ready to enjoy the beautiful golden yellow squash all through the year.


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How To Freeze Mashed Butternut