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How To Store Peeled Almond

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Peeled almonds before storingWe often peel almonds in advance to save our time but the truth is that, if you do not store them correctly, they will actually be of no use. Almonds can turn soft and lose their original flavor and taste if they are not kept well. Here are some ideas which will help to keep them properly.


Ideas for Storing Almonds After Peeling:


Air tight containers:

  • These are containers which are specially designed to prevent outside air from entering these and spoiling their taste. If you keep all the almonds in these containers and close their lid tightly they will stay fresh.


Dry areas:

  • Even if you store almonds in air tight containers you have to place them in clean and dry areas of your kitchen or anywhere you choose to store them. If you are keeping them in the kitchen, do not keep them anywhere near any source of heat or moisture.Storing peeled almonds carefully


Special care:

  • Before storing the almonds you need to ensure that the almonds are completely dry. To be doubly sure you can pat them using a dry cloth so that there is no additional moisture.
  • It is a good idea to keep peeled almonds in transparent containers so that you can have a look from outside without having to open their lids to check how much you have or how they are.
  • If you still choose to take out some almonds, do not forget to replace their lids tightly so that the rest stay fresh.


Just follow the above rules and your peeled almonds will stay fresh for long.


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How To Store Peeled Almond