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How To Dry Cure Beef

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Cured BeefLong before refrigeration was invented, people used to cure and smoke meat to keep it from getting spoiled. But today, when you do not need such techniques anymore, people still want to learn how to dry cure beef because it lends an interesting texture and taste to the meat. You can dry cure it at home with  the minimum of effort but the result is sure to be extremely delicious.


1) Things Required


To start with curing beef at home, you will need the following – salt, saltpeter, sugar, plastic container, dried beef (you can pat it dry), a smoker, and towels.


2) Step 1


To start with, dissolve about a pound each of salt and sugar and half a pound of saltpeter in water. This will make up your cure for the process.


3) Step 2


Place the beef into a container, preferably plastic, and pour the cure over it. Ensure that the meat is submerged properly into the cure. Leave the container covered for about four days.


4) Step 3 Corned beef sandwich


After four days, take the meat out from the cure and rinse it under cold water. Pat dry the beef with a towel.


5) Step 4


Preheat the smoker to about 200 degree F and smoke the beef. Check the internal temperature after about 3 hours. It should have reached 150 degrees F and you can check that with a meat thermometer.


6) Step 5


Perhaps the most favorite step so far, this is the time you can start gorging on the spoils of your hard work. However, after removing the beef from the smoker, you need to allow it to cool down before cutting slices for consumption.


Cured beef can be used to make a lot of recipes but its most widespread use is in the form of sandwiches, which are eaten throughout America. In case you have a few interesting cured beef recipes  to share, don’t forget to share them along with your comments.


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How To Dry Cure Beef