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How To Store Peeled Pumpkin

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 peeled pumpkin There is a difference between storing peeled and un-peeled pumpkin. The unpeeled ones can stay fresh for at least 3 months but if you  peel them, you need to take special care or they will not be fit for use after a few months. Here are a few ideas on how you can keep this peeled vegetable fresh for long.



Ideas to keep peeled pumpkin fresh:



  • Slice up the peeled vegetable and store in containers in the refrigerator, till you use it again. This is recommended if you desire to keep them for a few days or hours only.  If you have a whole pumpkin you can wrap it up in a wet cloth and keep it in the refrigerator – it might take up a lot of space, but it shall stay fresh.


Dry corner:

  • Place the peeled vegetable in the dry corner of your storing area. It is best if you can store it in a single layer, so that the vegetable gets little bit of breathing space underneath it. You can use a wood, straw or a cardboard between the table or storing surface.


More tips:

  • When you are storing pumpkins, it is important to keep checking them at equal intervals, especially when you are not refrigerating it.
  • If you are keeping them in the kitchen, you need to keep a watch on mice as they love pumpkin.


The above tips, if followed will help you to keep the peeled pumpkin  fresh until you need them!


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How To Store Peeled Pumpkin