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How To Store Peeled Dates

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Air tight container for storing datesYou need to store the peeled dates properly or risk losing their crunchiness along with their flavor and freshness. Here are some ideas which shall help you to keep them fresh  for long which will allow you to enjoy their flavors to the fullest.



Tips to store peeled dates:


Dry and cool place:

  • Keep all the peeled dates in a dry place – away from direct sunlight and moisture. Moisture or dampness will spoil the dates and make them soggy. If you store them in the kitchen, keep these away from anywhere near the sources of heat or water.


Odorless containers:

  • Dates are really sensitive and tend to pick up the flavors of containers in which they are kept. Thus, it is very important that you pick up odorless, special containers which have tight lids to store them. Keep these in places which are dry and cool.



  • It is not necessary to refrigerate dates just as in case of many fruits and vegetables. If you choose to refrigerate the dates, ensure that you do not keep them in the freezer, but place them anywhere where they do not chill much.


Different containers:

  • If you choose to refrigerate different varieties of dates, you need to keep them in different containers. This is for easy identification and also ensures that they retain their own flavors.


So, what are you waiting for? Still in doubt about the storing ideas? Or do you have some fresh ideas? Do give your comments.


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How To Store Peeled Dates