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How To Store Peeled Sweet Potato

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Peeled sweet potato for storingKnowing the right way of storing  sweet potatoes after peeling them can help you when you are pressed for time. It is a very simple process and involves just a few steps which can be followed to keep them fresh for later use.  Here are some easy ways to store potatoes  that have been peeled.


Peeled sweet potato storing ideas:


Ice water:

  • Place ice cubes in a bowl and place the sweet potatoes in this bowl. Cover all the potatoes with ice cubes and water. Keep replacing the ice as they start melting if you do not choose to keep them in the refrigerator. This shall keep potatoes fresh for long.


Plastic bags:

  • Place all the sweet potatoes in plastic bags, especially zip bags which are specially designed for storing food. These bags can then be kept in the freezer till they can be used again. Ensure that you do not stuff too many potatoes in a bag and also that you store completely dry potatoes in these bags. If there is little moisture in the potatoes, it can spoil them.


More tips:

  • If you plan to store cut slices of sweet potatoes these can be thoroughly dried as cut pieces of potatoes usually have their juices seeping out. This can spoil other potatoes.
  • Do not store store sweet potatoes with other vegetables such as onions as the smell of onions shall spoil the potatoes.


Isn’t the process of storing sweet potatoes really easy? If you have some more ideas, do drop us a few lines.


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How To Store Peeled Sweet Potato