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How To Store Peeled Wheat

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Peeled wheat to be storedWheat when peeled, needs to be stored well or else it will get spoilt. It needs special care and certain precautions so that it does not gather moisture. Moreover, the grains need to be stored immediately after peeling. Here are some tips to store wheat that has been peeled.




Easy tips:


Cloth bags:

  • Peeled wheat can be stored in specially made bags which do not allow moisture retention and can keep wheat dry. Wheat can be poured in these bags and sealed before storing. Sealing the bags is important so that insects do not enter and spoil the wheat. If you are in need of storing large quantity of wheat these cloth bags are considered to be the best.


Air-tight containers:

  • If you wish to store small quantities of wheat, these can be stored in air-tight containers. These containers can then be kept in cool and dry areas of the kitchen, away from direct sunlight and moisture. Do not forget to seal or place the lid back tightly, once you have taken out the desired quantity of wheat at a time.


Cool and dry place:


  • You can choose to store wheat in any way but you have to ensure that it is stored in a place which is completely dry and away from dampness and any kind of moisture.


General tip:


  • If you need to use partial quantities of wheat ensure that you do not use wet spoons or hands while picking the wheat. It will cause lumps in the wheat.


Hope these tips will help you to keep peeled wheat fresh for a longer duration of time and serve your purpose.


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How To Store Peeled Wheat