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How To Store Peeled Tomato

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Peeled tomatoes for storingTomatoes need to be stored in a special way  especially when they are peeled. Unlike other vegetables, refrigerating tomatoes does not actually keep them fresh. In fact, keeping them in the refrigerator can spoil the tomatoes and by making them mealy. Here are some quick and easy tips on  storing  tomatoes:


Ideas for storing:


Placing the tomatoes:

  • Place the peeled tomatoes with their stem section upside. This shall keep them fresh for a long period. The tenderest section of any tomato is around its stem and while storing them, you need to take care of such portions mainly.


Right temperature:


  • Peeled tomatoes should be stored in room temperature. Moreover it is important that a steady temperature is maintained during the entire process. The tomatoes should be away from any heat source like microwaves and stove tops. These should not be near direct sunlight also until they need to be ripened.


Special containers and bags:

  • There are special containers and plastic bags available which ensure proper humidity with their unique temperature controlled ventilation and special ridges which help to keep moisture away. Peeled tomatoes can be stored in these containers and bags for long time.Peeled tomatoes in special bags


Keep moving:

  • When you place tomatoes in a bowl they need slow handling. The bowl has to be moved regularly so that the tomato does not sit in the same place everyday that can cause bruises and dark spots.Peeled tomatoes in a container


There is actually no special mystery in storing peeled tomatoes. You just need to follow few steps with attention and care, so that you enjoy the most of these delicious tomatoes.


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How To Store Peeled Tomato