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How To Store Peeled Squash

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Peeled squash for storingIt is crucial to store peeled squash in the correct way or it will not be suitable for use when you actually need it. Elaborate preservation and storage arrangements re certainly not required. Just follow a few steps and it will be enough. Here is a quick guide to help you store this vegetable.



Tips for storing peeled squash:


Air tight containers:

Place all the peeled squashed in air tight containers and place their lid well. These containers can be chosen as per the number of squashes which need to be stored. If there are many, you can pick up large container. However, ensure that there is enough space between the squashes.


Cool dark corner:

If you wish to store the squashes for a few hours, it is recommended that you store them in cool places of your kitchen. These shouldn’t get direct sunlight. The best place to store them is the basement or the closet.


More tips:

  • If you plan to store squashes for long you need to choose squashes which are heavier than their size.
  • Ripe squashes are considered to be best for storing. Thus, choose the ones which have ripened enough.
  • Before you peel the squashes for storing, check if the skin is thick. Thick skinned squashes can be stored very well.


Hope, the above tips makes your storing process easier! If you have any more ideas on it, do share with us.


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How To Store Peeled Squash