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How To Store Peeled Fruits

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Fruits tend to get dry, soggy and mushy if they are not stored well , especially when they have been peeled. To keep  them fresh for long you need to follow a few simple steps. Check out the ideas below.


Ideas to store peeled fruits:


A large bowl with water and juice from a whole lemon can be used to keep fruits fresh. It’s recommended to drop the fruits in the bowl for a very short time. If the fruits are kept in the bowl for long it will dilute fruit flavors. Once immersed in water, the peeled fruits can be removed and dried. These can be put in a glass jar or reseable plastic bag and then stored in refrigerator.


  • Vitamin C:

In case lemon juice is not available, vitamin C tablets can be used. These can be added with a quart of water. Fresh fruits can be submerged in this bowl and stored in the refrigerator.


More tips:

  • If there is a need to store different types of fruits, these should not be stored in a bowl. Different fruits need to be stored in separate bowls or else one ripe fruit can cause premature aging of another fruit.

  • If you have plans to store peeled fruits, try to peel the unripe ones first so that they stay fresh naturally, for some time.


I do hope, these handy tips will solve all your fruit storing  problems and save your time as well!


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How To Store Peeled Fruits