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How To Store Peeled Lemon

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Peeled lemon can be storedStoring lemons for later use after peeling  them  is quite common – the problem arises when we are clueless about the storing process. Most often, we find that the lemons have become discolored or are completely soggy, which makes them useless. Here are some ideas which can help you to overcome the problem.


Storing peeled lemons:


Zip loc bags:

These are available in different sizes and are perfectly suitable for storing food ingredients. Lemons can be poured in these bags and sealed and placed in the coldest part of the refrigerator and taken out when needed. They shall stay fresh for long.


Air-tight containers:

Air can spoil any ingredient and it is same with lemons. You can pour all the peeled lemons in an air-tight box, put its lid and store it. If you do not wish to refrigerate, keep it in a cool corner of the room, so that it doesn’t dry out. The lemon shall stay fresh for at least 24 hours.


Bowl of chilled water:

If peeled lemons need to be stored for just a few hours before serving, they can be immersed in chilled water till use. This prevents the lemons from drying out and keeps them fresh and juicy for long. To use, such lemons, it is just necessary to pour off the excess water and use them.


Lemons can stay fresh only when they are not exposed to air – so, while storing peeled lemons , just ensure that they do not come in contact with air. Make use of the above mentioned tips and cut your daily work load to half. 


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How To Store Peeled Lemon