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How To Store Peeled Ginger

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Peeled ginger before storingYou can peel ginger in advance, if you are keen of getting everything ready for parties, get-togethers or your regular meals ahead of time! However, you need to store them carefully, so that  they stay fresh and its flavors are retained, when cooked later on. If ginger is stored well, it can be used for a year afterwards.


Ways to store peeled ginger:



Plastic bag is needed to wrap the ginger which can then be sealed carefully, before keeping it in the freezer bag. Put this bag in the freezer and let it stay there, till you need it again. It will retain its flavor and taste good too.


Jar of sherry:

A jar of Madeira or sherry can help you to store ginger for three months at least. The ginger will stay fresh and flavor the wine also.


Glass jar:

An airtight glass container is also ideal for storing ginger. Pour sherry wine or Madeira in the jar and let the roots submerge fully. The jar can then be completely closed and then put back in the coldest part of the refrigerator. The ginger will stay fresh for 3 months at least.


If peeled ginger needs to be stored for long, it is best to choose the fresh form for the purpose.


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How To Store Peeled Ginger