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How To Store Peeled Bananas

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Peeled banana for storingBananas have several uses but most of us simply love to use them in a variety of desserts;  we tend to peel these in advance, and then face the problem of how to store them well or ways by which it can be prevented from browning.  In case you do not store them the right way, they will spoil making them completely useless. Read on to know more...


Easy tips to store peeled bananas:


·         You need to slice the peeled bananas using a stainless steel knife as per the shape you need. Once sliced. You need to brush each such piece using lemon juice. Lemon juice is very effective in preventing bananas from turning brown. These can then be placed in air-tight containers and placed in the coolest chamber of your refrigerator.


  • Using squeezed pineapple juice:

·         In case you do not have lemon juice at home, you can squeeze pineapple juice in a small bowl and dip each piece of banana in the juice. These pineapple coated juice can then be placed in air tight containers and refrigerated. They won’t turn brown.


  • Using ascorbic acid:

·         Ascorbic acid works the same way as lemon and pineapple juice. Just coat the peeled sliced in the acid and refrigerate in air-tight containers. Your bananas will stay fresh for at least 24 hours.


General tips:

·         If you have plans to store bananas for long it is recommended that you do not choose ripe bananas. Ripe bananas will ripen further and become mushy even if stored well. Choose bananas which are slightly yellow and have green tinges at both their ends. Moreover, check that these do not have brownish spots in them.

·         Do not immerse peeled banana in orange or limejuice for long as they tend to be soggy in the long run.

·         You can also sprinkle salt and water on the peeled bananas if you can stand its taste. This is also a recommended way of storing.


Try not to store the bananas for more than 48 hours as they will not taste as good after that period.


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How To Store Peeled Bananas