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How To Store Peeled Egg

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Peeled eggs before storingPreserving eggs after peeling them  or those which are hard boiled is quite easy!  However, it is important that you store these the right way, that too, only for a specific period of time in order to prevent contamination by microbes. Here are some easy tips and guide on how you can store these eggs.


Ideas to store peeled eggs:


Maintaining hygiene:

·        You might be serving eggs to your family or guests; you need to maintain basic hygiene. Thus, when you have peeled eggs or while peeling them, ensure that you have washed your hands well and preferably with an anti-bacterial soap. You can also wear sterile gloves while you are handling the eggs.


Giving Appropriate Standing time:

·        Peel the eggs and let them stand in room temperature for at least 2 hours before you choose to place them in the refrigerator. Or in other words, you need to let the eggs stand for at least 120 minutes after their cooking, before you start storing them. Do not try to store eggs  which have been left in the room temperature for more than this time, as it will be unsafe to use it.


Using A Container with lid:

·        When you are storing eggs in the refrigerator you have to keep them in containers which have lids. This is very important or else the unwanted flavor of egg which spread in the whole refrigerator which is certainly not pleasant and will spoil all other foods which are in the fridge.Peeled eggs in an airtight container


Using Zip bags:

·        These bags are ideal for preserving any kind of food. If you have a number of hard boiled eggs  and need to store them, these bags are just perfect. Pour the boiled eggs in these bags and place them in any container with a lid. However, this kind of storing is suggested only when you do not wish to store the eggs for more than 24 hours or else the eggs might break, when you move other food items in the refrigerator.


Store as many eggs as you wish but it is recommended to consume them within 2 days. 


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How To Store Peeled Egg