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How To Freeze Baked Salmon

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Baked Salmon freezing tipsSalmon, in its raw form, can be frozen without too many hassles. However, freezing baked salmon should be done very carefully, failing which the fish can be subjected to freezer burns. Freezing the oven baked salmon  for a short time, usually a couple of days, is fine or else the fish loses its springy nature. Here are few tips that you can make use of while you freeze the salmon , in the baked form...


What You Need


  • Baked salmon
  • Paper towels and/or waxed paper
  • Freezer containers or freezer bags
  • Sticky notes


Tips To Freeze Oven Baked SalmonDirections For Freezing Baked Salmon


  1. Bring the baked fish to the room temperature. You can place the warm salmon in cold water and allow it to cool.
  2. Pat dry the salmon using paper towels.
  3. Take a freezer container, line with paper towels, and then arrange the baked fish as layers.
  4. Make a layer atop the salmon with paper towels or waxed papers.
  5. Seal the container well.
  6. Now, paste the sticky note on the bag with the contents and date mentioned on it.
  7. Freeze it on the coldest portion of the freezer.



You can pack the baked salmon in freezer bags. Line the bags with waxed paper. Remove the excess air from the bags by sucking out with the help of straw. Seal thoroughly. A slight opening the freezer bag can also cause freezer burns. Paste the sticky note on the bag with the contents and date mentioned on it.


Thaw the salmon in the refrigerator overnight. It is not advisable to heat the frozen baked salmon, as the fish can turn mushy which is definitely not palate pleasing. Hence, enjoy the frozen baked delicacy as a cold meal!


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How To Freeze Baked Salmon