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How To Store Peeled Prawns

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Peeled prawns on icePrawns need to be frozen as soon as possible just like any other seafood.  If you have bought some real fresh ones and desire to store them after making them ready for use, you need to refrigerate the  peeled prawns   the right way. Here are some ideas on how to store them properly.


Prawn storing ideas:


Using zip bags:

  • You will need zip bags for the purpose and choose the size of the bag as per the quantity and size of prawns you have. Pour all the peeled prawns in this bag and seal it well.
  • Set this zip bag in a bowl of ice and place it in the coldest part of your refrigerator. If you find that the ice has melted during this stage, keep adding additional ice till needed.


Using air tight containers:

  • Choose specific storing containers for the prawns. You can place the prawns in these containers and close their lids tightly. Place them in the coldest part of the refrigerator.Peeled prawns in zip bags

Ice brine:

  • If you intend to store peeled prawns for more than 24 hours you need to place them in an ice brine which is usually made from 1/3 crushed ice and 2/3 clean salt water. The salt water is quite easy to prepare and can be made by dissolving 40 gm salt in a liter of water.


No matter how well you store the prawns, you need to consume them within 24 hours for best results.


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How To Store Peeled Prawns