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How To Store Peeled Potato

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Peeled potatoes in a bowlIf you have a lot of peeled potatoes on your hand and do not need them right away, you have to store them properly as they tend to turn brown quickly. It is easy to store them for many days and even months and  use them at the right time. Here are some easy ways to do so:


Using Ice:

  • You have to place the peeled potatoes in a large bowl and cover it with ice or ice water. You can then cover the bowl with its lid and refrigerate in the freezer. In case, the bowl you are using does not have a lid, you can use a plastic wrap to cover the bowl and refrigerate. The ice cold water or ice helps to make the potatoes crispy.


Plastic bags:

  • Make small slices of the potatoes – such as cubes or cuts for frying. Place all of these in a cookie sheet and bake them in a preheated oven for 10 minutes. Once the potatoes are baked, you can remove them and cool them. Put the baked potatoes in plastic freezer bags and refrigerate them. You can remove them from the refrigerator when you wish to use them.


Plastic containers:

  • In case you wish to store the peeled potatoes just for a day, you can use cold water instead of ice. Just place all the potatoes in a plastic container and submerge them in cold water. Place the submerged potatoes in the refrigerator, overnight. The potatoes will not turn brown.


If you can store peeled and cut potatoes  the right way it will save you a lot of time and stress while preparing hurried meals.


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How To Store Peeled Potato