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Store Food Properly; It Saves Big!

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Do you always grieve over the rotten tin of cheese which you just discovered the other day inside your refrigerator? Or are you overwhelmed by the foul smell coming all the way from your store-room through kitchen, taking its course to the living room to greet your guests? Is it that you just can’t manage to be within your set budget, coz you food gets spoiled faster for the reason you never thought of storing them properly? 

Think, coz, storing food properly is not just a necessity, but it also saves big on your budget! 

So here are some easy ways to store foods that have a tendency to get spoiled fast. 

Vegetables and Fruits:

You may store it in refrigerator in tightly closed zip pouches or plastic bags, but see to it that there are not much vegetables stored in the biofresh zone to avoid clutter. Tomatoes are best stored in an aerated basket and placed away from direct sunlight; storing them in refrigerator is not much recommended for it affects the flavor. 

Fruits are best stored in refrigerator shelves and not n closed compartments so that there is required air circulation around them. Ventilated plastic bags are also a good option. But, it is never advised to store bananas in refrigerator. 

Nuts and Seeds:

Best way to make your nuts and seeds last long is by refrigerating them in air tight containers; you can also store it up in the freezer so that it lasts even longer. 

Cooking Oils:

It’s good if you limit your purchase to what you can use up in three-six months, but to certain sensitive versions like nut oils, it’s recommended that you do not store more than a month. Storing them in dark containers, in a cool dark place will also help. 


Store meat in vacuum sealed or zip pouches with air squeezed out. Try to store as portion according to how you’ll use so that the rest remains uncontaminated and free-from bacterial action due to fluctuation in temperature. 


Protect such dishes from air; this can be done by placing it in air tight storing containers and then sealing it with a foil or plastic wrap.

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Store Food Properly; It Saves Big!