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How To Freeze Cooked Salmon

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How to freeze cooked salmon

If you end up with a bit too much of baked salmon or salmon cakes, you can always freeze it since it is very easy to freeze cooked salmon. However, frozen salmon should be consumed within a month of freezing. Let us see how to freeze salmon that has been cooked…


Steps to Freeze Cooked Salmon

Freezing cooked salmon is very easy. The salmon has to be first of all brought to room temperature or cooled considerably.

  1. Place the salmon on paper towels and pat dry.
  2. Now, line shallow freezer containerswith paper towels and layer the salmon on this.
  3. Separate subsequent layers with paper towels or waxed papers.
  4. Alternately, salmon can be packed in freezer zip-lock bags too. Layer them wrapped in waxed paper and suck out air from the bags with a straw and seal it.
  5. The sealed containers or bags have to be labelled prior to placing in freezer.

Freeze cooked salmon to use it to make delicious dishes and benefit from its many nutrients more often.


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How To Freeze Cooked Salmon