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How To Freeze Cooked Ham

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Frozen, cooked hamThe vital key to freeze cooked ham, so that is lasts for up to 2 months is to keep it tightly packed. Ham freezes well and an excess of cooked ham can be frozen for later use. Cooked ham should be carefully packed prior to freezing. Let us see how to do it...




Steps to Freeze Cooked Ham at Home

  1. The first step to be taken while planning to freeze the excess amount of cooked ham is to cut into smaller pieces and then divide into sizeable portions. This would be convenient while planning to thaw and reheat some of the ham.
  2. Aluminum foil or moisture proof plastic wraps can be used for packing the ham. Wrap ham pieces tightly in the material.
  3. Place the wrapped ham inside freezer zip-lock bags. Label the bags with date of freezing.
  4. Place inside freezer.
  5. Consume within 2 months since ham might lose its flavor, texture, and quality beyond this date.


Using Frozen Cooked Ham

Frozen ham can be thawed in refrigerator or in a sink filled with hot water. Reheat ham in microwave to bring back texture and taste. In cases where thawed ham appears to be watery, wash thoroughly and pat dry with kitchen towels.


Freeze cooked ham and use it at your convenience to prepare  delicious ham-based recipes.


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How To Freeze Cooked Ham