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How To Dry Seafood

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 dried seafoodKnowing how to dry seafood would certainly clear all your doubts regarding the process. Drying seafood is one of the safest ways to increase its shelf life.  Seafoods that are commonly dried before being used are the fishes, followed closely by shrimps. Let us see to do it…


Drying Seafood Naturally

                                                                                                                                                                             Squids hung for drying.

Drying of seafood is done mainly under the sun. Sun drying is the most common method used for drying of seafood anywhere in the world. Seafood is rarely dehydrated since this gets rid of all the moisture unlike drying. Drying under the direct rays of sun gets rid of the  of moisture that would discourage growth of spoilage causing contaminants! Seafood that is to be dried has to be fresh in order to taste good. Hence, the catch of the day has to be  used for drying.


Steps to Dry Seafood

  1.  Sun drying of fish.Ensure seafood is fresh.
  2. Select an area with plenty of sunlight and sheltered from animals and dust.
  3. Prepare seafood prior to drying by cleaning them very well. Fishes have to be rinsed, head and gills removed and washed again. Shrimps can be dried with head or without in their shells. Octopuses and squids are cut open and cleaned.
  4. Scrub and wash seafood very well.
  5. Soak in salt solution for 30 minutes.  One cup of salt in one gallon of water would be ideal.
  6. Drain and rinse seafood again.
  7. Smear generously with pickling or coarse salts. Ensure that the salt is pressed into the skin.
  8. Spread out on wooden racks or plastic sheets, and place these outdoors.
  9. Move drying racks inside at night to avoid animals and insects from foraging.
  10. The seafood is ready when the flesh yields to touch but does not spring back. Drying of most seafood would take a minimum of 5 days and this depends on the amount of humidity and temperature in the area.        


                          Dried shrimps.



Dry seafood is a delicacy in itself and you can use it in a variety of recipes.







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How To Dry Seafood