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How To Dry Plum

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How to dry plum or make prunes? Dried plumsPrunes or dried plums are used in a number of recipes including stewing them. and here is a list of methods  for drying the fruits  at home easily…




Choosing The Method to Dry Plums

Plums can be dried in various ways. Sun drying is by far the cheapest way but this method might take around 3 to 5 days and the optimum temperature for sun drying of plums is around 95 degrees F. People for whom such conditions are available can try out this method. Plums can be dried in food dehydrators and those of you who own one can get the process done according to manufacturer’s instructions quickly, easily, and economically since dehydrators use up less energy that conventional ovens. People who do not own a dehydrator can easily dry plums in the conventional oven. If your oven can be set to low temperatures of 20 degrees F, go ahead and dry plums in it.


Drying Plums in a Conventional Oven

  1. Select fresh ad ripe plums.
  2. Wash them very well to get rid of all dirt.
  3. Plums can be dried whole or pitted and sliced.
  4. Make cracks on plum surface to break the skin so as to make the waxy coating permeable.
  5. Blanch plums for 1 minute.
  6. Remove with spatula and let dry on paper towels.
  7. Pre-treat plums to avoid discoloration. They can be pretreated with sulphur bisulphide or with honey and water. Make a solution of one part of honey with 2 parts of water and soak plums in it overnight.
  8. Spread plums on baking trays in a thin layer.
  9. Place trays in the oven preheated to 120 degrees F.
  10. After one hour, raise temperature to 140 or 160 degrees F.
  11. Let oven door remain open slightly for air circulation.
  12. Rotate trays every half hour to facilitate even drying.
  13. Let dry in oven for 12 hours.


It is better to avoid using galvanized metal, copper or aluminum trays while drying plums since these can alter fruit color, taste, and even nutrient content. Dry plums this way at home and have a plumilicious experience!


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How To Dry Plum