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How To Dry Apple

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Dried appleLearn how to dry apple at home since it is the easiest way to preserve them. Apples can be dried easily at home with all the nutrients intact. Dried apples can be stored at room temperature and hence, score over their frozen counterparts. Let us see how to dry apples…




Steps to Dry Apple

  1. Choose good quality apples. They should be firm and fresh.
  2. Wash in white vinegar very well.
  3. Peel and core the apples.
  4. Cut them into wedges and further make thin slices, about ¼ inch thickness, of the same. Apples can be sliced into rings too for drying.
  5. Dip the apple slices in lemon juice so as to prevent them from browning as they dry. Just cover apple slices with lemon water for about 8 to 10 minutes prior to drying them.
  6. Spread apple slices in a single layer on trays. No two pieces should touch each other.
  7. Apples can be dried by either placing them under the sun, in the oven or using a food dehydrator.                                                    553672-dried-apple-rings.imagesqtbnand9gcruwi7-4k3ztoilvilraz-p1paxvahfjvdov-p0pbgxvovpob6zka
  8. For sun drying apples, place the trays with apple in a sunny window or corridor. The ideal temperature should be around 100 degrees F with very low humidity for apples to dry.
  9. Oven drying is advised for quicker drying and when weather does not support dehydration.
  10. Place apple trays in the oven and set it to 135 degrees F.
  11. Using food dehydrator to dry apples would make the process energy efficient and time saver too. Food dehydrator is recommended when food is dried regularly.
  12. Apples are dry and done when they are pliable and free of moisture. They should not become crisp.
  13. Dried apples can be vacuum packed in moisture proof containers. They can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months.



Once you know how to dry apple, it can be stored at home and used as and when required. Apples can be rehydrated and added to various recipes or served immediately.


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How To Dry Apple