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How To Dry Ginger

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How to dry gingerWondering how to dry ginger? Do not fret, for this blog outlines the easiest way to dry ginger at home. Drying ginger is one of the best ways to preserve ginger for use later on. Ginger can be preserved in vodka too where it remains fresh for a very long time.  Read on for instructions to dry ginger at home with ease and get those ginger roots ready…








Steps to Dry Ginger in Oven

  1. Wash ginger very well, to get rid of all mud, sand, and grit. Ginger root should be absolutely clean before it can be dried.
  2. Peel ginger using a peeler, and get rid of the brown skin.
  3. Make very thin slices of ginger. Alternately, ginger can be grated.
  4. Pat dry ginger slices with paper towels.
  5. Place ginger slices in a single layer on wire racks. Ensure that no two pieces touch each other.
  6. If ginger is grated, spread it on baking sheets.
  7. Place ginger inside oven.
  8. Make sure the temperature inside oven is around 130 to 140 degrees F.
  9. To maintain this temperature, keep oven door ajar with rolled aluminum foil.
  10. Dry ginger by baking for 10 to 15 hours.
  11. Turn ginger slices every 3 hours to facilitate even drying.
  12. Once ginger is dry and flaky, remove from oven.                                                                                                                                  
  13. Let cool.
  14. Store in airtight containers and use for up to one year.


Sun Dry Ginger               

                                                                                                                                                                               Drying ginger in sun.

People living in warm and sunny climate can dry ginger using solar power or in other words, the sun. Place the baking trays and sheets in a sunny place and cover with screens. Let the sun dry the ginger. Do not forget to bring in the trays in the evening. Place them again under the sun, the next day morning. Continue until ginger is completely dry. Store dried ginger in moisture free containers and use when required.


Drying ginger would ensure that your kitchen is always stocked with this spice, which is also a popular home remedy for many ailments.




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Anonymous's picture
Dried ginger is also quite effective in cough and cold.
FitGal's picture
My mother has been using dry ginger for years and it adds so much flavor and aroma to the dish. We prepare Kashmiri dishes with dry ginger and believe me, they turn out just delectable.
The.Hungry.Soul's picture
How to dry and candy ginger? I love the flavor of candied ginger in cakes and cookies. It is also a good digestive :)
Sweetcandy's picture
I always keep a small bottle in my desk..simply love to add it to my snacks..and besides, its ideal after heavy snacks...sth to digest!
Anonymous's picture
I love candied ginger. And of course ginger in my tea
Rashmi.vilas's picture
Ginger is my fav spice, gr8 for digestion, migraines, sour throat and much more. For me tea without ginger is like food sans salt!
Anonymous's picture
I was waiting for this, I like ginger tea, but to refrigerate ginger for more than 3 days, changes its flavor..... I this will help
Raksha's picture
sun dried gingers are great for pickles as well. i have seen my grandmother make that.
Anonymous's picture
Ginger is a great herb. It is good in food, beverages like tea and medicinal beverages like 'kadha'. The list is too long. The technique to dry ginger definitely comes handy.
sanghamitra.chowdhury's picture
Very useful info....can be stored for a longer time and used for various purposes
Anonymous's picture
love the flavor of dried ginger. Thanks for these tips, now i know what to do with excess stock of ginger and prevent it from spoiling.
barbecue's picture
lovely ideas delivered on how to dry ginger and make ginger powder
party.popper's picture
Great info!!! thanks for sharing
chockyfoodie's picture
I love dry ginger and mostly I used to bring it from market. Now I will try drying them at home. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog with me.
Anonymous's picture
Thank you! This blog makes things so much more fretting *phew*
How To Dry Ginger