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How To Dry Meat

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Dried MeatHow to dry meat was an oft practiced art, back in the old days. The people of America, Africa, Asia as well as Europe were skilled in the procedure of drying meat which gave them a chewy and delicious snack item, sustaining them through lean periods when food became scarce. Preparing it is still considered to be an effective way to store enormous quantities of meat without letting precious food going waste. Read on to find out how you can preserve the meat by drying without losing any of its protein content.


How to dry Meat

  1. The first and foremost step involving the process is to purchase fresh meat which does not show any signs of spoilage.

  2. Cut the meat into thin strips, each measuring about ¼ inches in thickness.

  3. Prepare your favorite marinade in a bowl. It might be a simple vinegar, salt and pepper or you can really spice it up with hot chilies and herbs along with exotic spices.

  4. Coat the meat strips liberally with the marinade and refrigerate them for an hour prior to the actual process of drying.

  5. Remove the chilled meat and boil it along with the marinade in order to lessen the possibility of meat borne diseases.

  6. Drain the meat strips with the aid of paper towels after it has been boiled properly.

  7. Place the strips on a dehydrator tray, taking care to see that they do not touch.

  8. Turn on your dehydrator or set the oven to 140 degrees after the placing the tray within.

  9. Allow it to dry for 10 hours at least before removing the meat from the dehydrator or oven.

  10. Check the meat by bending it and allow it to cool once it cracks on bending  and is completely bereft of moisture.

  11. Store in airtight jars for up to 3 weeks before you keep them in a cool and dry corner of your room.

  12. The preservation period can be extended up to 15 days if you keep the jars refrigerated.


Handy Tips

The meat strips can be used as chewy snacks or made into delicious dishes by cooking them.

The drying process can also be done with the help of a charcoal or electric operated smoker which lends a smokey flavor to the meat.


Why don’t you try it out at the first possible opportunity now that you have learnt how to dry meat.


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How To Dry Meat