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How To Dry Mushroom

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Drying mushrooms is a process worth learning indeed! You can certainly preserve a huge lot of them by drying to keep a supply of mushrooms always ready. There is nothing difficult about the procedure. In fact, once you read through these steps on how to dry mushrooms you will be pleasantly surprised to find yourself becoming a master of drying mushrooms within a very short period. Read on for details.


How to Dry Mushrooms

  1. Examine your mushrooms closely for dirt and grime and clean them thoroughly with the aid of a small brush. You can also wipe them clean with a damp towel cloth and allow them to dry completely before you begin the procedure.
  2. It is easier to dry a single type of mushroom at a time. Do not mix all te varieties together as they might dry at different times leaving you unsatisfied.
  3. Cut the mushrooms into thick slices measuring 1/8 inches in thickness.
  4. Spread the slices uniformly on a baking sheet and set your oven between the temperatures of 100-150 degrees F.
  5. Place the tray within the oven and watch the mushrooms closely for signs of becoming dry. They are likely to be done within an hour. They are dry once the mushrooms turn brown and brittle.
  6. Allow them to cool properly by placing on wire racks and store in airtight containers which you need to place in a cool and dark corner of your room.
  7. You can actually preserve them for as long as two years if you get to store them properly.


Handy tips

You can also dry the mushrooms naturally by placing them on your windowsill and letting the sun dry them. The process might take about 2 to 3 days to complete.


Follow these steps on drying mushrooms and you will be able to whip up exotic dishes at a short notice, surprising your friends and family.


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How To Dry Mushroom