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How To Can Pumpkin

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canning pumpkin

How to can pumpkin is an elaborate process however it needs detailed preparation for sterilization of jars and the vegetables. Canning pumpkin is one of the most trusted processes for preserving pumpkin. The process is easy and the shelf life of canned pumpkin is quite prolonged, which is a great advantage for the homemakers.

Like typical canning process canning pumpkin is divided into three main phases


Selection of right fruit

Sterilization of jars

Processing the canning process by pressure canner


Major Steps For Canning Pumpkin


Selection of the right fruit

  • It is always wise to take farm-fresh pumpkins, which is neither too mushy nor too green, the perfect pumpkin for canning should be orange in color and less grainy in texture
  • It should not have any bruise or sports on the veggie body


Sterilization of jars and lids


  • Clean the jars in lukewarm soapy water
  • Sterilize them into 10-minutes boiling water method
  • In case you have a dishwasher with sanitize mode, you can use the sanitize cycle for cleaning of the jars. However boiling water method is one of the most trusted methods even preferred by the professionals
  • The lids of the jars has to be sterilized separately; for this process you can take some water is a small pan and get the water boiling first.
  • Drop the lids in water and let them get boiled in water for 10-15 min
  • Remove the pan from fire and allow it to sit for rest until you require lids with lid on position. Allow the lids to be in warm water.


Preparing the pumpkin for canning

  • Wash the pumpkin exterior with cool water
  • You have to cut the pumpkin half
  • Use a serrated knife and drive it in sewing motion for chopping the pumpkin; a smooth knife may slip
  • Use an ice cream scoop to scratch the seeds inside the pumpkin
  • You have to cook pumpkin and cooking is a significant part of how to can pumpkin process. You can cook it into pressure cooker, or in the microwave.  Gen it takes 20 minutes time in microwave to get it soft, but take care cooked pumpkin should not be mushy.
  • Now peel the skin
  • Now the cut the soft pumpkin into small cubes
  • Fill the jars with chopped pumpkin
  • Allow some headroom left on the top
  • Add boiling water in the jars
  • Now place the jars with lids on in the pressure canner.


Processing canning by pressure canner


  • Heat the canner first without putting weight on it
  • After that phase, put weight on it according to user manual
  • After the processing time is over, take out the jars and allow them to rest till they come into room temperature


With these tips how to can pumpkin will sure be like a candy bite process for you. Take the plan this time for canning pumpkin and enjoy the vegetable whenever you want.


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How To Can Pumpkin