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How To Can Asparagus

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how to can Asparagus

Learning the tricks about how to can asparagus is a utility storage management. Knowing the way for canning asparagus is great natural way to consume this nutritious veggie around the year via delightful recipes.





Easy Ways To Can Asparagus


Sterilization of jars and lids


  • Jars for canning asparagus can be washed by dishwasher provided it has sanitize-cycle feature. Otherwise it is better to use 10- minute boiling method for sterilization. Proper sterilization is one of the pre requisites of how to can asparagus process.
  • The lids of these jars should be kept aside so that they can be sterilized separately. In order to do it, you should boil the lids for 10-15 minutes is a separate pot; keep the lids in the boiling water till they are required for use.
  • For canning asparagus use of pressure canner is always recommended; it is always better to follow the users’ manual while using pressure canner. Put it on the low heat, around 4-5 inch deep water in it, off-lid condition and on slow flame, till you get the veggies ready for canning. However, you have to know the altitude where you are running this canning process; how to can asparagus processing by pressure canner largely depends on the location; accordingly pressure points has to be selecetd for the canning process



Canning Asapargus

  • You should pick fresh asparagus in the morning; get it from farm or take from a farmer. Ideally fresh asparagus should be thick like a pencil and generally gets 6-8 inches tall in its best condition. Piclking fresh vegetable is one of the secrets of how to can asparagus mission.
  • Take a large pot and fill it with water and put the pot on burner; allow the water inside the pot to boil.
  • Now it is the turn to size the asparagus; the end points of asparagus get tasteless and not good to eat. You should discard these portions. Cut off the ends with a knife or simply break the potion; dry end point will get broken instantly. Discard the dry part; trimming the veggies is one of the vital most part of how to can asparagus process..
  • You should wash the sized asparagus properly; it is better if you use a vegetable brush; gently rub the sticks so that dirt and dust get properly removed. Now cut the stocks according to your eating discretion.
  • Meanwhile the water inside the pot on the flame must have stared boiling. Drop all the asparagus into the boiling water and leave the sticks for 4-6 minutes. Ideally you should blanch around one pound per attempt.
  • Now drain out water and put the blanched asparagus into ice cold water for 5-6 minutes.
  • Place the asparagus pieces into each of the cans; make a decocotion with hot pepper, hot boiling water, white vinegar, salt, and dill seeds and pour this decocotion in each of the can filled with asparagus. put the lids on the jars.This is the last part of canning in how to can asparagus method.
  • Do not forget to exclude bubbles from the jars and to leave one inch headroom above the asparagus and preservative liquid.

  • Once the jars are ready put them into pressure canner and process the canning for 10-15 minutes or according to the instruction of user manual of the pressure canner. You have to select the right pressure and selection of pressurfre stands extremely significant in how to can asparagus  tricks.

  • Once the canning asparagus process is over take out the jars, allow them to sit for 24 hours to be back in room temperature and then store tham in dry dark storage shelf



Now you have learned how to can asparagus at home. Hope you have liked the tricks and will be able to manage it with better level of perfection.


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How To Can Asparagus