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How To Store Pomegranate

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Storing PomegranateHow to store pomegranate? The question is as juicy, and hearty as the fruit itself is. Pomegranate appears to be a deseeded adaptation of tomatoes; however, lot of seemingly different properties separates the two. Pomegranate can be stored, either as a whole fruit, or in seeds, which are called arils, or as juice. Umpteen number of savoring dishes can be prepared from one touch of pomegranate, like, the pies, cookies, ice cream toppings, fruit color additives, custards, and puddings. Not much goes into making pomegranate, a difficult storage experience. You simply need to be more wary when storing one of interesting fruit all year long. Find out to get the juice of pomegranate story.



Storing Pomegranate

  • The primary criterion of storing pomegranate is prudent picking and choosing of the fruit. You should never by them from cold storage stores, rather local groceries offer freshest of fresh pomegranates to delight in. Choose fruits which are thin in their leather coating, not very small or large in size, and have unblemished outer blood red covering.
  • To store the seeds, you need to skillfully separate the pomegranate seeds from the rind, and place it in freezer bags for future use. Here it is important to focus on right way of deseeding the fruit. You may use a blunt hammer which has a shape of pliers, or let it sink in cold water.Storing Pomegranate
  • Cut large sections of fruit with rind and leather on. Carefully remove the leather, and sink the rest in salted water. The magical separation of seeds from the white rind is a view to watch. The seeds ensconce down and the rind floats above. Now, you can easily place the dried seeds in a tight container, keep it sealed, and transfer to fridge.
  • Canning is one another great methods of storing pomegranate. Extract the juice of pomegranate, and add some lemon juice to it. Follow it by boiling, and when cooled, can it into food storage canisters. Rest it in freezer. However, you should always label it with date, to remind you of its consumption. Canned pomegranate keeps fresh for a week, but may soon turn brown.Storing Pomegranate
  • One of the other awesome methods of storing pomegranate is by adding grenadine syrup. Grenadine syrup is the original yields of the fruit itself, but here it is lightly given a sugary tinge to act as preservative. Pour the grenadine syrup over the peeled fruit to seeds, and freeze it for several hours. Once freeze, transfer it to safe containers and keep it refrigerated.

These are some of the great tips on how to store pomegranate, and savor the season with its enchanting taste! Scoop the Nature`s most precious taste, and relish the moment of relaxation to your senses.

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How To Store Pomegranate